35 Work From Home Equipment You Need as a Remote Employee in 2023

While there’s lots of controversy around remote work between management and employees, this conflict can be mitigated by offering employees options on a case-by-case basis. While the difference between the two may seem minor, there is evidence that suggests that hybrid work environments might actually be more productive, although only marginally more so than remote working ones. It’s worth noting that hybrid work opportunities are often a better fit for extroverted employees who prefer face-to-face communication and socializing to work alone at home and may actually find the latter too isolating.

Emotion intelligence gives you the self-awareness and empathy you need to face any remote work challenges within the workplace. It’s how you avoid miscommunication, solve problems, and become a strong listener which greatly improves productivity. No doubt, collaboration is one of the top remote skills and traits that companies will look for in a hire. Since you are not in person and can easily meet up to work with colleagues, collaboration can be more challenging when you work from home. By investing in authentic ways to create workplace connections, companies can bridge the productivity gap and preserve the financial gains of remote work.

Time Management: Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Sometimes is takes a bit of creative problem solving to find a solution, but that’s all part of being adaptable. Open source 7­Zip makes it easy to compress a file or a set of files and encrypt the archive with a password. Mac OS X’s Disk Utility can also create an encrypted disk image (basically a folder) with password protection. Office suites have been shifting away from things needed to work from home installed software packages to connected, online apps over the past decade. Video calls can make you feel like you’re in the same room with your virtual teammates, and seeing others‘ expressions and gestures and hearing their voices goes a long way in having more effective conversations. To begin, read FlexJobs’ article on 7 remote job categories with high growth in 2019.

If you’re looking for an external keyboard to give you a bit more flexibility, our best keyboards guide is here for you. We’ve also got our guide for the best gaming keyboard, if you’re looking for something that can keep up with best AAA games as well as your productivity needs. The Microsoft Classic Intellimouse, for example, touts a classic design and appealing white lighting, and it is a breath of fresh air. It also beefs up the sensor, allowing users to ramp up the DPI to 3,200. It’s not wireless, and it’s hardly made for gaming, but if you’re in the market for a mouse that’ll help you get all your work done when working from home, the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse will be the best mouse for you. You can spend hours using your mouse when working from home, so you need to make sure you have one that’s comfortable to hold, as well as being fast and responsive.

A bright, remote future

Building remote worker wellbeing into your policies and work culture will not only result in happier, healthier employees, but also reward you with a stronger culture, and a more productive and engaged workforce. This means dedicated check-ins are even more critical to building trusted relationships with your remote employees and taking the pulse on their work performance. Onboarding plays a fundamental role in engaging your remote employees and setting them up for long-term success with your company. In other words, it’s not enough to throw in virtual happy hours or remote perks.

By prioritizing culture and approaching engagement, you can better address barriers to remote work and ensure your talent initiatives align with the culture you’re trying to create. If you’re feeling particularly active, and missing those lunchtime gym sessions, there’s also the option of a standing desk, which can help bring a bit of variation into your new home office set-up. It may sound obvious, but having the right office set-up can make all the difference to your working from home productivity – and this can start with your chair and desk. This laptop is incredible to use as well, with its roomy trackpad as well as its backlit keyboard that offers a comfortable typing experience with decent travel. If you’re going to be writing a lot as part of your day-to-day life working from home, this is a great choice. When working from home, you’ll probably find you’re holding just as many meetings – if not more – via video conferencing services like Skype and Google Hangouts.

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Thanks to its ultra-slim design and outstanding visuals, this monitor quickly made the list. It is also safe to say that watching how vibrant the colors are is truly stunning with this one. They not only help your eyesight by raising your computer to eye level but also https://remotemode.net/ set you free by allowing you to move around. This wireless keyboard comes with a built-in touchpad, so it saves you from using a separate mouse. It makes the process of navigation more manageable, and all there is left for you is to connect it to your TV and enjoy.

  • You’ll discover excellent websites for finding part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and freelance gigs in any timezone you’d like to work in.
  • As someone who cares about physical health as much as mental health, I feel the need to add two beginner-friendly products to the list.
  • One productivity method called The Pomodoro Technique is quite popular with remote workers because it mimics what happens when you’re working in a traditional office.
  • This is a fun way to learn more about each other and build team spirit with some healthy, low-stakes competition.
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